The calendar for 12 days of practice: “Take a Run Up with Yoga”

Take a Run Up with Yoga

The calendar for 12 days of practice: “Take a Run Up with Yoga”

How to keep motivated during the challenge? It’s best to plan your achievements and monitor your progress. That is why we have prepared a calendar for you for 12 days of yoga practice. You’ll find that the mat is not the finish – it’s just the start!


Yoga or running – maybe it is worth combining both activities?

Some prefer running and others prefer yoga. The best combine both practices, achieving life records in marathons.

We also combined them in our calendar!

The facts speak for themselves: runners who warm up properly before training and stretch after having much less injury, while running faster, longer and safer.

You will achieve such effects even with minimal effort, practising yoga 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after training. Its strength lies in stretching and regenerating muscles, in proper breathing techniques, and in learning the body’s balance and awareness.

Take a Run Up with Yoga

Have you ever noticed at least one of these problems after training?

This checklist can help you make your decision. Ask yourself if you are overloading your body because one day it will refuse to obey.

  • Pain in the knees, lower back, tibia, ankle, heel or hip?
  • Contractures and problems with movement of the joints?
  • Great fatigue and exhaustion? You can’t regenerate even though you are resting?
  • A great deal of breathlessness and shortness of breath after more effort?
  • Do you sometimes feel like someone has put a heavy object on your chest that you can’t get rid of? Every breath is a challenge?
  • Do you run even though it hurts? You say to yourself – oh there, I can do it, just a little pain?
  • After training, do you sit down, take a shower and go to your duties? Do you forget about warming up before and stretching your muscles after running?
  • How many of these points are your workout problems? Maybe it’s time to try yoga in your set of warm-up and stretching exercises. Try practice with our calendar.


What changes will you observe in your running training after a yoga practice?

Take a Run Up with Yoga
Injuries are inscribed in running. Thanks to the practice of appropriate asanas, especially at the stage of warming up and stretching muscles after training, it can avoid damage to muscles, joints and bones.

Yoga will help runners and running with yoga

  • You will learn to breathe properly and control your breathing, i.e. you will be less tired, oxygenate your body and run further and faster. And think about the faces of friends after the sprint to catch the escaping bus. You can even discuss philosophy during the race, and they fight short of breath
  • You will finally find the perfect way to warm up before training, prepare your muscles for running.
  • You will be more flexible and stretch the muscles that build up during the run. What does it mean? Less injury!
    More energy. You will gush it even after a 20 km run. All you have to do is stretch your muscles and relax with yoga.
  • You will know your body again. You will learn to manage it consciously.
  • Your muscles will be better supplied with blood, more efficient and better protected. You will feel better and healthier.
  • You’ll find that small and great running successes are yet to come. You just lacked good breathing techniques and the right warm-up and relaxation.
  • You will strengthen the muscles of the legs, spine and arms, thanks to which they will cope even with a lot of effort.
  • You will achieve internal and external balance. The same muscle group works all the time while running. You will restore the body’s proper harmony and learn to control your mind. And every marathon runner knows that overcoming limits and their borders are in their heads!

    Take a run with yoga and run through the autumn landscape without breathlessness!

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